Management and Leadership

Next Generation Leadership

The certification enlightens you on how fast you “Unlearn” and adapt to the uncertain and dynamic business environments. Our focus in this programme is on Unlearning, resulting in the following model: Unlearn > Learn > Relearn.Thus empowering you to achieve results in areas where you were not able to produce prior.

 Leadership Effectiveness Training

The Leadership Effectiveness Training program for the promising leaders. The course discusses the relevance and significance of global leader effectiveness in the present corporate scenario. Its main aim is to inculcate problem-solving skills within the participants and foster the need for innovation. The course emphasizes practical things such as handling strategy, teamwork and managing resources efficiently. The training is a step in the right direction for leaders looking to transform their personage into becoming dynamic global and effective leaders.

Governance and Management of Devolved systems

The ability of an organization to match its business objectives with its processes is referred to as governance. This indicates that their choices and actions are in line with their fundamental principles and long-term goals.

Public Speaking leadership

Great presentations have successfully motivated the dullest of minds and directed a focused goal. We at GPP believe, that this is more of an art than a science because delivering a message requires a great amount of skill and sensitivity which then combines with the emotional intelligence of the speaker to activate further skills like adding humour to build rapport, asking the right kind of questions.